Doug Greenwold

Senior Teaching Fellow, Preserving Bible Times, Author of Making Disciples Jesus’ Way

Sam Hunter has assembled a treasure chest of spiritual insights in his ‘short game tips.’ Each one is proven wisdom that will keep you out of the sand traps seductively set by the world, the flesh, and God’s Adversary. Taken together with the Holy Spirit as your caddie, they will allow you to wisely read the spiritual contours of life’s greens. These spiritual gems will also improve your grip and encourage you to let go of the false narratives that may be keeping you from consistently achieving par in your spiritual life.

George Singleton

Author of Stray Decorum, John C. Cobb Endowed Chair in the Humanities, Wofford College Finalist, Southeastern Independent Book Assoc. Fiction Book of the Year

Filled with common sense and hope, Sam Hunter’s The Putting Green Devotional offers insight and advice that may steer the confused, perplexed, and straying twenty-first century individual toward a more meaningful, consistent, and rewarding existence.

Rev. Dr. Mark E. Durrett

Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

It’s been my privilege to know Sam Hunter for almost three decades now, not only to know him as a friend in ministry, but also to see him through the eyes of mutual friends, of his sisters, his Mom and Dad, and his hometown folks. The privilege is that God has allowed me to watch him grow as a man, as a friend, as a Christian, to see how God has led him through rough and smooth patches to shape in him a Christ-formed heart and mind. I have loved these Putting Green pieces as they were coming forth as e-mail devotions, and I’m thrilled that they are now collected in this form for sharing with others. This is true food and drink for people who are looking for daily help along the way of Christian growth. Thank you, Sam, for sharing your life and yourself in this way.

Gary R. Habermas

Distinguished Research Professor & Chair, Dept. of Philosophy, Liberty University and Theological Seminary

I’ve known Sam Hunter for a good number of years. During that time, I have regularly read his devotionals, which usually consist of pithy reminders to improve our walk with the Lord. I receive a number of such items, and Sam’s are my favorites. They seem to me to be something along the line of two-minute sermons that are hard-hitting reminders to keep on being totally committed to the Lord, patching up items in our lives that need work… Truthfully, I appreciate the regular push. In spite of my dozens of published books, once I even wrote to Sam and told him that I wished I could write as well as he did! I’d recommend Sam’s book for believers who want similarly to be pressed to keep moving forward for the Lord.

Bill Poirier, LLC

While stewarding the vision and passion given by God to ‘give the gospel thru golf’ over the past 32 years, fellowshipping with like-hearted believers has been infrequent at best. Sam is one of those delightful finds, and his devotional writing style is somewhat Max Lucado-esque… if I might coin a genre. It is my distinct pleasure to endorse The Putting Green Devotional (Volume 2), and I encourage every golfer to peek into its contents daily in pursuit of spiritual maturity.

Jose Alvarez

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf TourLife Chaplain to Tour Players, Wives, Caddies & Reps

My friend, Sam Kelly, gave me Volume 1 of The Putting Green Devotional and told me he read it twice and that his wife, Angie, was currently reading it. That endorsement—along with the book’s subtitle, ‘Improving Your Life’s Short Game’—were more than enough reasons for me to dive into The Putting Green Devotional (Volume 2). We were able to give a copy to every person that played in our FCA Rivalry Cup last year! Life is short, and I want to make the most of it. In Volume 2, Sam Hunter once again does a wonderful job of combining God’s Word, personal insight, and strategy to help us navigate this course on earth as we prepare for the life to come.