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August 11, 2016
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August 25, 2016
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Peter Reflects

The word TRUST written in vintage letterpress type

The word TRUST written in vintage letterpress type

We were all exhausted from hearing Andrew’s long rendition of his conversation with Secundus, but also exhilarated. So I started to ponder all the truths they had shared.

Do you see, my friend, that life in the Kingdom is a life saturated with trust, primarily because we learn to see the world around us as his Kingdom, and thus a God-saturated world? And you must not miss this: trust is all-important to God.

If I may I’d like to take a minute to explore why trust should also be so all-important to us. Remember, anything that is important to God, is important to him because he knows how important it is for us.

So let’s get started. Do you believe in God? Okay, I see you rolling your eyes. Bear with me. Do you believe God is all-powerful? Yes? Okay, do you believe he loves you perfectly? Perhaps I sense a slight hesitation? Now … do you believe you can trust this all-powerful, perfectly loving God in the details of your life? Yes, in the details. All of them.

Do I sense your anxiety building?

I ask these seemingly silly questions to show you your heart may not line up with your words.

You see, you say you believe in God, but you actually may not – at least not the Heavenly Father Jesus revealed. Perhaps you believe in Jesus, but you don’t believe what Jesus believed? Perhaps your belief hasn’t made the fifteen inch journey from your head to heart. I talked about this earlier, remember? You believe in your head, but not in your heart. You haven’t yet learned to trust in your belief. It’s a head belief, not a heart belief.

Have you felt any anxiety lately? Any fear, worry, or stress? Of course you have, and of course the root cause is you don’t trust God – at least not in the details. And it is in the details of our day to day lives where our trust wavers: our work, our relationships, and mostly our money.

You see I have perfect trust that the Father has total control over our new family of Believers. I have perfect trust Jesus will return, and bring the Kingdom with him. My trust in his overall plan is total.

But …. will he provide as we try to organize and feed and house all these new Believers moving into Jerusalem to be a part of our new family? Will he help us with the food and the financial aspect of all this? I rest peacefully at night thinking about the future Kingdom, but my peaceful rest becomes a frightful tossing and turning if I allow the questions of “how – what if – what about” to take over.

Those are the details. Do you see how illogical it is to trust God to move mountains, but then be anxious about his ability to move money around?  We say we trust God is all-powerful, but then we let our feelings tell us he is not all-present, especially in our details. But come on now, he can’t be one and not the other, can he?

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