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July 30, 2020
Facts – Faith – Feelings: A Mini-Series on The State of the Union
September 9, 2020
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Who Is in Control? A Mini-Series on The State of the Union

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In our opening meetings with the men at 721 we put up on the whiteboard the different emotions and feelings we are experiencing during this crazy time of politics and pandemics, shut-downs, riots, violence, jobs obliterated, no school, and even an asteroid heading our way.

I think it would be helpful for you to do the same. I have learned over the years that if we will write down our fears, worries and anxieties, they often lose their hold over us. Yes, just writing them down helps! Many years ago, when I was in a deep ditch, and had not yet learned that feelings are such disastrous masters, I was overwhelmed constantly by my feelings of fear, anxiety, even dread and hopelessness.

I decided to write down the worst things that could happen, and then I put them in a shoebox. A year later I pulled them out and lo and behold, only one of my worst-case scenarios actually happened. The others never materialized. The one that did happen was nowhere near as bad as I had feared. And of course Jesus worked wonderfully good things out of that bad.

So … a lot of worrying and stressing for nothing.

What words would you put on the whiteboard to express your feelings today during this most uncertain time?

Fear – Anger – Future – Uncertainty – Our Country – Frustrated – Payback – Punish – Enemies – Revenge – Lawlessness – Baffled – Confused – Hopeless?

What questions might you add to this list?

Why does God allow this?

Does he care about our country?

Is he involved in the details?

Does he even care about the details?

Does he care about my personal details?

And most pertinent: Who is in Control?

To frame our perspective on these, allow me to ask a few questions for you to ponder.

Is the USA eternal?

Are the Democrats and the Republicans eternal?

Is China eternal?

Is this pandemic eternal?

Is the media – the stock market – the upcoming election – Trump Biden – Antifa – riots – economic collapse … eternal?

But most pertinent: Are you?

The answers: All no’s and the last a big yes.

Which leads us to pull back and examine the macro and the micro of our current state of the union. That would be the macro state of our USA union, and much more important the micro state of your union with Jesus.

The Macro: If you asked me if God cares about the state of our Union, the USA, I would answer, “Yes, I feel sure he does. But I do not know the how, what, why, when, where of his caring.”

The Micro: But here is what I know beyond any doubt: He cares immensely about the state of your union with him. Because he cares immensely about the state of your soul.

I am certain God did not allow this C-19 virus just to boost Sam’s spiritual journey. I am equally certain he is not allowing this chaos in our country just to boost Sam’s spiritual journey.

But I am 100% certain he wants to use these experiences to bring me closer to him. And he wants me … and you … to be a part of this closing-the-gap process.

The macro issues and the resulting questions all pale in comparison to the micro issues in your heart and your soul. He wants to use every experience to bring us closer to him. And why? Because he loves you, and yes, he cares about your details.

He knows the closer you are to him, the richer your life will be. He wants the A+ Life to the Full for you, and the only way to find this life – the only way, my friend – is to close any gap between you and Jesus.

The essential Micro question for you is: How do I use this crazy uncertainty to get closer to Jesus?


 Next Week: Facts – Faith – Feelings

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