June 1, 2016

A Tent Sale of the Heart

(from the “Peter & The Holy Spirit” Series) When Ruth and I were just married, we moved around a bit as I struggled to start my fishing business. Back then I went where the fish were, and where I could […]
March 2, 2016

Surrender: Self

I know now that learning the unforced rhythms of grace, learning to live freely and lightly, can only be found through surrender to Jesus Christ.  I realize this is an offensive idea to many, and to us men especially. Surrender […]
February 25, 2016

Protect, Not Prohibit

On other days we taught and talked about topics that were dear to Jesus’ heart. As he sought to fulfill the scriptures for us, to actually live them out, he often talked about what the Father cared most about: trusting […]
November 19, 2015

“What to Do?” (from the Peter & The Holy Spirit Series)

After Pentecost we now had over three thousand Believers. Many of the pilgrims who had traveled to Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost decided to stay. Can you blame them? For the first time in their lives they were living […]

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